In accordance to its mission of fostering the research in aesthetics in Brazil, ABRE has also operated as an academic publisher since 2005. Its main activity in this branch consists in releasing the results of events linked to the association through journals, annals, collections and other publications. To that effect, CDs were released with the complete content of the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 editions of the International Congress of Aesthetics Brazil, as well as the International Congress of Fantasy and Criticism (2012) and the VII International Coloquium of Philosophy and Fiction (FiFi). More recently, the third and fourth volumes with the presentations of the 12th International Congress of Aesthetics Brazil: The tragic, the sublime and the melancholy were also published.

One of ABRE’s goals for the decade of 2020 is to intensify and bring consistency to its editorial role. Among the future actions planned by the association, it plans to not restrict publications to collections of selected papers but to insure the publication of annals for all editions of the International Congress of Aesthetics Brazil, and to promote the digital publication of annals of other events linked to the association, such as FiFi. At a later point, the possibility of independent publications untied to events is considered.