The Brazilian Association of Aesthetics (ABRE) is a private non-profit civil association, ruled by its statute, that aims to promote culture, arts and education. Its main goals are to foster and develop the interest in the academic research in aesthetics and philosophy of art, convening studies about culture, history, nature, thought, arts and its critic in different periods, stiles and manifestations. To that effect, the association promotes forums for discussions (conferences, symposiums, seminars and journeys) in which philosophers, artists and researchers in related fields can establish dialogues, share reflections and exchange experiences, both nationally and internationally.

ABRE’s mission is to consolidate itself as a center of reference for studies in aesthetics in Brazil, becoming a hub for disseminating research developed in the field, not only through the publication of texts resulting from conferences organized by the association in different formats (books, annals, journals, etc.) but also by consolidating the pertinent Brazilian academical production in order to become a search mechanism for papers, books, dissertations and thesis.