Board of Directors

Since 2021, the association’s board of directors holds the following members: president, vice-president, executive director, finance directors and supplementary directors. The term of office for elected members is of four years. Use the link at the top of the page for the history of previous terms.

Administration 2020-2023

President: Cíntia Vieira da Silva (UFOP)
Vice-president: Vladimir Vieira (UFF)
Treasurer: Fernanda Proença (UFMG)
Executive and finance Director: Cíntia Vieira da Silva (UFOP)
Legal Director: Pedro Franceschini (UFBA)
Editoral Director: Pedro Fernandes Galé (UFSCar)
Communications Director: Rosa Gabriella Gonçalves (UFBA)
International Relations Director: Rodrigo Duarte (UFMG)